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The Dutch Sporting Horse Traders Association (VSN), founded in 1982, has more than 60 selected members. They are all prominent, internationally oriented sporting horse traders. They are specialized in the purchase, sale and training of sporting horses at all levels and in every discipline. The members of the VSN have formed a collaboration in order to serve (international) clientele optimally, efficiently and reliably. As a result of their cooperation, a large number of sporting horses can be offered for sale, which increases clients’ options.

Many first-rate international sporting horses, varying from jumping horses, dressage horses, military horses and four-in-hand horses, have found their way to all parts of the world via VSN members. Both buyer and seller know where they stand with the VSN contract of sale and general conditions of sale. Any sales dispute with VSN members anyhow, can be settled by arbitration.

The VSN members have expertise and the necessary contacts for all forms of transport to any country and are familiar with all the associated export documents. The VSN mediates in matters concerning the sporting horse trade and the authorities and public organizations such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Veterinary Board, the Agricultural Board and the Cattle Trade Board. It even acts as a pioneer in the field, for example with the Identification & Registration of horses (made compulsory under EC directive). VSN also cooperates with the equestrian breeding organizations and the equestrian sports organizations.

And finally, every autumn, the VSN organises a competition in which three year old sporting horses, registered with the NRPS or KWPN may be entered. The VSN Trophy has gained a lasting reputation amongst breeders, traders and other people from the equestrian sports world as a good opportunity to display their young, talented sporting horses and to test their capacities.

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